Download Free Whitepaper: A Great Opportunity to Provide Growth in Emerging Economies within the Tech Industry

Alexa Altiam
Jun 2023
 min read

Understand everything you need to know about Altiatek’s Center of Excellence including what a center of excellence is and how it’s driving value in Honduras’ Tech Ecosystem.

AltiaTek, as a ServiceNow partner, joined the RiseUp program as a Talent Placement Partner: developing the skills of young professionals that want to work in the tech industry, from the Center of Excellence in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with the main objective to make a significant positive social impact on the local labor market and local economy.

Excellence in nearshore delivery

Reflected through its two major components: SkillNow its training and developing center & Service Operations that offers Professional and Managed Services through a High Performance Team Model.

Contributing to the Development of Honduran Tech Talent

AltiaTek’s SkillNow is playing an important role in preventing this immigration process to happen. Before AltiaTek, the ServiceNow ecosystem was practically inexistent in Honduras. We offer job and career opportunities locally; our employees can support their families and reduce the need to find opportunities elsewhere.

Download our comprehensive whitepaper now and embark on a thrilling exploration of technology’s untapped potential and Altiatek’s Global Vision on building a talent ecosystem for growth and innovation.

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