Exploring the Rise up Program, Talent Scarcity and AltiaTek’s Nearshore Solutions through ServiceNow

Alexa Altiam
Jan 2024
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Our recent webinar provided a comprehensive overview of how AltiaTek, in collaboration with the Rise Up Program, is actively working to address the technology talent gap. The discussion highlighted AltiaTek’s pivotal role as a ServiceNow partner in Honduras, emphasizing their commitment to skilling one million people on the ServiceNow platform by 2024.

Filling the Tech Gap with the Rise Up Program

Harnessing technology’s untapped potential, the Rise Up Program addresses a global ambition: to reach one million people on the ServiceNow platform by 2024. Given the global ServiceNow tech talent scarcity, this ambitious program aims to develop certified ServiceNow talent in a flexible and cost-effective manner, contributing significantly to current thriving businesses. Doing so will require collaboration with local partners, especially in burgeoning economies. As a Honduran partner, AltiaTek superbly illustrates this collaboration.

AltiaTek: A Champion in Nurturing Tech Talent in Honduras

Honduras has a strong middle class and impressive language skills, making it a great source of rising tech talent. AltiaTek exemplifies the potential addition to the global workforce with its bilingual staff who are proficient in both English and Spanish. AltiaTek overcomes hurdles in terms of steady power supply and staff knowledge by establishing its operations in San Pedro Sula, setting up in the infrastructure-rich Altia Smart City, and collaborating with local universities for talent sourcing.

AltiaTek’s Role in Bridging the Tech Talent Gap

To address the widespread tech talent crisis, AltiaTek first takes new employees through a comprehensive five-month curriculum, involving knowledge-accumulation, training, and hands-on experience. Its workforce, ranging from consultants to code peers, is meticulously instilled with ServiceNow best practices, agile methodologies, ITIL, and other significant skills. This ensures the delivery of quality solutions by adopting a high-performance team approach in all their ServiceNow projects.

Cultivating High-Performance Teams for Success

Diverging from traditional single-consultant assignments, AltiaTek employs a more symbiotic approach, assigning multiple projects to a team with varied levels of expertise, fostering knowledge-sharing, mutual support, and thorough learning. This distinguishes AltiaTek’s three-layered methodology – SkillNOW training layer, technical consultant teams, and consulting layer. The benefits of this approach include sharing industry experiences, promoting career elevation, and collectively building a formidable talent pool.

Watch the full webinar here

Customer Feedback and Overcoming Challenges

Customers’ enthusiastic response to AltiaTek, appreciating both the opportunity to contribute to the talent pool and the sizeable cost benefits, has been overwhelming. The challenge lies in dismantling misconceptions about working with a foreign team and maintaining quality control. However, more and more U.S. companies now understand that nearshoring, particularly in Central America and Mexico, offers significant benefits in addition to cost advantages, such as time zone compatibility and access to fresh university talent.

The Role of Long-Term Partners in Future-Proofing Tech Success

Many outsourcing experts recommend using a long-term developmental partner offering a holistic package including recruitment and selection. AltiaTek is steadily expanding its certified talent pool, offering potential partners an opportunity for sustained success.

Embracing Future Tech Opportunities Through AltiaTek

The recent webinar captured how Altiatek and the Rise Up program are mitigating the technology talent gap. By creating technology and non-technology jobs in Honduras, service companies are transforming local economies and setting the groundwork for sustained tech success.

You can watch our free webinar here

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