From Skills to Solutions: Access Certified ServiceNow Talent with AltiaTek

Alexa Altiam
Feb 2024
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Having access to skilled professionals proficient in cutting-edge platforms like ServiceNow can make all the difference for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve. Recognizing this need for top-tier talent, AltiaTek has established its Center of Excellence in the heart of the vibrant tech hub, Altia Smart City, located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Here, AltiaTek is revolutionizing talent development and creating opportunities for individuals to excel in the dynamic realm of ServiceNow.

RiseUp: Fostering Local Talent for Global Impact

AltiaTek’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere business objectives; it is deeply rooted in making a positive social impact. Through initiatives like RiseUp, AltiaTek nurtures the skills of young professionals eager to embark on a career in the tech industry. By harnessing the potential of the local labor market in San Pedro Sula, AltiaTek not only addresses the scarcity of certified ServiceNow talent but also catalyzes economic growth within the community.

“AltiaTek is committed to opening doors for young talent to enter the tech industry, offering access to world-recognized certifications and paving the way for global opportunities.” – Luis Flores, Director of Operations at AltiaTek

SkillNow: Elevating Skills, Empowering Futures

At the core of AltiaTek’s talent development strategy lies the SkillNow training center, dedicated to training and developing human talent in both technical and soft skills. Through meticulously crafted training curricula, hired talent undergoes rigorous preparation, culminating in the attainment of multiple ServiceNow certifications. This ensures that every individual emerging from SkillNow’s programs is equipped to deliver exceptional service, whether for ServiceNow implementations or other managed services.

“SkillNow, as part of AltiaTek a proud partner of ServiceNow, harnesses the full spectrum of resources provided by ServiceNow to empower individuals seeking new career opportunities within the ServiceNow ecosystem. By aligning with ServiceNow’s best practices and learning paths, we ensure our talent remains at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.” added Flores.

AltiaTek’s Center of Excellence offers a wide array of ServiceNow certifications, catering to diverse roles and responsibilities within the ServiceNow ecosystem. From Customer Service Management (CSM) to IT Operations Management (ITOM), AltiaTek ensures that its talent pool possesses the necessary expertise to tackle any challenge thrown their way. With certifications like Certified System Administrator (CSA), IT Asset Management (ITAM), Service Portfolio Management (SPM), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD), AltiaTek nurtures professionals capable of driving innovation and efficiency across various domains.

Holistic Approach to Talent Development

AltiaTek understands that excellence extends beyond technical proficiency; it encompasses a holistic set of skills and attributes. That’s why AltiaTek emphasizes continuous learning and professional development, encouraging its talent to stay ahead of the latest trends and advancements in ServiceNow technologies. Through a combination of hands-on experience, online courses, and collaborative learning initiatives, AltiaTek fosters a culture of continuous improvement, empowering its professionals to deliver unparalleled value to clients and partners alike.

Nearshore Solutions for ServiceNow Partners

In addition to nurturing internal talent, AltiaTek extends its expertise to external ServiceNow partners seeking skilled resources. Leveraging its nearshore location in San Pedro Sula, AltiaTek provides partners with access to a vast pool of certified ServiceNow professionals, thereby accelerating project timelines and enhancing operational efficiency. Whether it’s bolstering internal capabilities or augmenting project teams, AltiaTek serves as a strategic partner in unleashing the full potential of ServiceNow technologies.

AltiaTek’s Center of Excellence represents more than just a hub for talent development; it embodies a vision of empowerment, growth, and social impact. AltiaTek is not only shaping the future of ServiceNow but also transforming lives and communities along the way. As organizations continue their journey towards digital transformation, AltiaTek stands ready to be the catalyst for success, one certified ServiceNow professional at a time.

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