AltiaTek certifies the first Hondurans experts in high technology

Alexa Altiam
Jun 2023
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• Two first generations of system administrators graduate under a digital transformation platform

• AltiaTek intends to accelerate the training of Honduran talent to offer solutions to global companies.

San Pedro Sula, June 6, 2023.– Altiatek, in its commitment to create opportunities with a positive impact in the country, graduated 34 of its employees, who today received their Certification diploma in System Administration from the ServiceNow platform.

The certification is the first achievement of a far-reaching program implemented by AltiaTek, a company part of GK Global’s Technology Division, dedicated to talent development, consulting services and implementation of software projects globally.

AltiaTek is an authorized partner of ServiceNow, a global firm based in California that has developed robust software that helps Fortune 500 companies automate their processes.

A continuous objective of AltiaTek is to recruit, hire and develop local talent in the country, and through its SkillNow brand, it trains and certifies systems engineers for the implementation of technology projects where users accelerate their digital transformation processes.

“Adding high technology and Honduran talent is a route to well-being, for this reason since we started our projects in Honduras –more than 30 years ago– we set out to generate roots through permanent employment. Today, in GK with Altiatek, we take a very significant step, as we demonstrate that local talent can be inserted in high-tech services for global companies, wherever they are, and without people having to leave the country,” said Yusuf Amdani, Chairman of GK Global.

“With our cloud-based workflow automation software, we help companies implement their digital transformation processes. We include data analytics, integration between applications and business intelligence. As an artificial intelligence tool, it can help decision-making, including customer service. We are delighted to already be certifying in Honduras,” said Theresa Agila, ServiceNow Partner Training Manager.

In the group of 34 technology professional men and women who obtained their first certificate at AltiaTek, 40% correspond to the first level, 45% to the intermediate level, and the rest (15%) to the senior level.

AltiaTek has proposed to train a hundred engineers with this methodology this year. Towards the end of the month and the beginning of July, it will welcome the third and fourth batch of technology consultants to train them on this platform.

“Our vision is simple: to create an attractive company to be the global technology center for innovative consulting services and technology solutions in LATAM, providing opportunities that improve the quality of life in the emerging economies in which we operate. SkillNow, our center of excellence and AltiaTek training center, provides the opportunity for Hondurans to thrive in the global technology market and make their dreams of financial growth and independence come true. This also creates economic opportunities in the country, taking advantage of technology as a vehicle for its respective stability and growth”, said Tim Shepich, CEO of AltiaTek.

AltiaTek is an effort by GK´s forward-thinking Technology Division to introduce the information technology (IT) industry in Honduras and open a development horizon for young Honduran talent and thus achieve a better standard of living. This division seeks to nurture technological innovation, entrepreneurs, and IT talent through investments and intelligent developments. We will continue to invite young people to come to AltiaTek.

About AltiaTek:

AltiaTek, headquartered in Florida, USA and with its Center of Excellence in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is a global provider of technology consulting services that helps clients implement digital transformation and automation to successfully achieve their business objectives. Additionally, it is dedicated to the development of human talent in technology through SkillNow, cultivating the next generation of digital talent.

About ServiceNow:

ServiceNow is an American software company based in Santa Clara, California that develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. providing technical management support, such as IT service management, to the IT operations of large corporations, including providing help desk functionality. Learn more at

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